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Oak Hammock Resort


A Central Florida Campground And RV Park
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Oak Hammock is truly a dream come true for the two of us. We have always treasured the special “moments” that we have experienced while vacationing and spending time with our loved ones. Oak Hammock is built on that premise – giving our guests the opportunity to experience those moments that they will cherish forever.

Bobby and I were married in 1997 and are blessed with two sons, Scotty and Dalton. Through many conversations with Bobby, I shared my childhood experiences of family vacations and how much I cherished those times in my mind as an adult. When asked why we quit going each year I really could not give him a good answer, other than “life happens”. Bobby embraced the idea and we rekindled our family vacation – only this time we were the parents, my parents were the grandparents, and our kids were able to make those memories for themselves. From that first trip together in 2004 to just this past year, we went every June to that special place and had moments together that we will never forget. This past year Bobby and I went through the life change of sending Dalton to college and we found ourselves having the same ideas about our future and having the same passion for being around people in a peaceful and happy environment. Looking back it seems like a natural path for us to get to this point – I worked for 20 years as a nurse learning how to care for people and to improve their quality of life, while Bobby worked his path in the construction industry and grew a successful business that would give him the knowledge and experience necessary to provide a comfortable and memorable environment for our guests. Meanwhile, Scotty is a special-needs adult who will always require our love and care, and what a better place to provide for him than in a natural and relaxing environment. We feel that we were led to Oak Hammock Resort, not by chance but by the natural path of our life together. We embrace the opportunity to share this amazing environment with you and share in the joy it will bring to you.

IT’S ALL ABOUT “MOMENTS” – Our goal is simple – to provide our guests with an opportunity to make “moments” — moments that you can count on to make you smile when things get tough, moments that you treasure with a loved one who is no longer with you, moments that will forever leave a lasting positive mark on your life. We want to be your “happy place”.


Fish, Camp, Relax, or do nothing. Our job is to make sure you don't have to think about your job!

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